Thanks for your help

In the previous edition of Djøf News, we asked you to take part in our reader survey. Thanks to all of you who did. Your answers will help us improve the way we communicate with our international members

Fifteen recipients of our English newsletter took the time to answer the survey we sent out in our previous newsletter. We admit that’s not a lot, but 14 of those answering said they prefer to receive information in English, and their replies give us an indication of which topics you would like to receive information about.

All 14 said they were interested in information about Danish employment regulations and standards (time off, paternity / maternity leave, hiring etc) and career-related counselling (negotiating salary, changing jobs, career advice etc).

As two of the most important topics Djøf works with, it goes without saying that we have a responsibility to keep you up to date whenever there is something new related to employment conditions. In the current edition, we have two articles that deal with different topics: one about how you can get your banked holiday allowance paid out and another about applying for Denmark's "invisible" jobs.

Are you subscribed to our events mailing list?

The survey recipients also said they would like to receive information about events and courses that are held in English.

All of Djøf’s English-language events are included in the e-mail we send every other Wednesday. If you’re not already on our mailing list, you can sign up on djoef.dk.

Membership benefits

One other thing those answering the survey said was important to them was information about membership benefits and member discounts. That’s something we haven’t written a lot about in past newsletters, but, starting with this edition, we will begin focusing more on both topics.

In this edition, we’ve chosen to single out two of Djøf’s most popular member services: our mentorship programme and our career-counselling sessions.

Get ahead - get a mentor

A mentor is an extra pair of eyes observing your career, your studies or even your job search. A mentor is someone who you can speak openly with and who can look at your situation from a different angle. 

You can also become a mentor yourself and use your experience to help someone who has less work experience than you do. Your own career path, shortcuts and detours are a resource worth sharing. 

Free career counselling

As a member of Djøf, you can schedule a free session with a trained career counsellor who understands the Danish labour market. During your session, you will be given individual, targeted advice that past participants say often uncovers new angles, provides inspiration and gives them the information and energy they need to develop their careers. The session is personal and can take place in person, over the phone, via Zoom or Skype or whichever way suits you best.