About Djøf

Did you think trade unions were just there for when you’ve got a problem? We are here for that, but we also want to help you get on and develop in your career. We offer advice on employment contracts, salary, and career development.

Djøf is a trade union, a professional organisation representing members who study or work within the areas of law, economics, strategy, management, politics, administration, business, research, communication and more.

Our 110.000 members work at all levels in the private or public sector, from student assistant to ceo.

As a foreign national who is looking for a job or who has already found a job in Denmark, Djøf can help you in a variety of situations:

  • Learn how to find a job in the Danish labour market – cv, application etc.
  • Access to specialists who understand the Danish labour market and can give you advice on how to achieve the best possible terms of employment. 
  • Review of your contract so you get a fair deal when it comes to salary and benefits. 
  • Counselling on career advancement, achieving a healthy work-life balance, handling a dispute with your employer and more. 
  • Help with handling a dismissal, where we negotiate the best possible departure package. 
  • Access to mentorships, where you receive sound feedback on your professional and personal development.
  • How to network in Denmark.

Terms of employment in Denmark
Job search and career advice

Making a difference for our members and society

Djøf is a trade union formed by its members with the objective of safeguarding their collective and individual interests in the labour market.

Member-to-member contact is fundamental to Djøfs activities. This is reflected in our networks, mentorships, events and other services. When our members meet, they experience more than just professional synergies – these meetings tend to evolve into a general interest in how we as a professional organisation can extend our reach and achieve even more.

We are interested in developing society as a whole. In contributing to solutions within both the private business community and the public sector. In building bridges to other professional groups and taking good care of our democratic society founded on the rule of law. In helping to bring society together.

A politically independent and member-driven trade union

Djøf is politically independent and member-driven. The trade union is managed by Djøfs board of directors and divided into 6 sub-associations, each representing specific areas of employment.

The highest authority is the board of representatives, which comprises representatives from each sub-association as well as representatives from three member groups: member residents abroad, job-seekers and lawyers.

Djøfs members are served by a professional secretariat based in Copenhagen. 

Unemployment insurance

Djøf is not an unemployment insurance fund, and we do not handle issues regarding unemployment benefit and unemployment insurance. Djøf recommends membership of Akademikernes a-kasse for unemployment insurance.

Akademikernes a-kasse (in English)

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