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Djøf is a trade union for students in social sciences, business and law. We offer advice on jobsearch, LinkedIn, salary and contracts. Student members have acces to affordable insurance, favourable bank agreements and free study courses.

A student membership gives you access to affordable insurance, a favourable bank agreement and free study courses. You will also be part of a strong trade union that serves 103,000 of the brightest minds, including 22,000 students. This means quality, regardless of whether you use Djøf for study courses, CV and career counselling, to review your employment contract or salary benchmarking. You also get student discounts on books, events at places of study throughout Denmark and the opportunity to participate in case competitions.

Through Djøf, you can learn about your job market and how to sharpen your competences as a new graduate. We provide tips for finding advertised positions, and good advice on searching for a job in Denmark and abroad. Our members work within economics, law, business, administration, marketing, strategy, management, communication, teaching and research.

Benefits of Djøf membership

Affordable insurance, a favourable bank agreement, the chance to meet other students and receive feedback on your CV. These are just some of the benefits of a Djøf student membership.  

Affordable insurance for students

When moving to Denmark, there are a great many practicalities to deal with. Djøf can help with affordable insurance and a favourable bank agreement, tailored to your life as a student.

From DKK 59 a month, you can insure yourself, your belongings and your surroundings, while travelling, at school and in your spare time. This offer is for Djøf members only.

You get:

  • Personal liability insurance
  • Electrical damage insurance
  • Legal assistance insurance
  • Bicycle insurance (up to DKK 30,000)
  • Home contents insurance (up to DKK 1,000,000)
  • In addition, you can choose an affordable personal accident insurance, expanded travel insurance (incl. cancellation insurance), glass and sanitation and electronics cover.

Choose the cover that’s right for you, so you only pay for what you need.

Buy insurance (in Danish)

Call us on +45 3395 9700 if you need help taking out an insurance policy.  

Need to make an insurance claim?

If there has been an accident, you can register a claim with Djøf Forsikring 24 hours a day. You are also welcome to call Djøf Forsikring on +45 33 14 37 48. You can find your policy number on your insurance certificate under Mit Djøf (in Danish)


Lån & Spar Bank offers Denmark’s best student bank account. It comes with several great benefits you won’t find elsewhere – and it’s created for the student lifestyle. You just have to be a student and a member of Djøf. Book a meeting at www.studiekonto.dk/djoef or call +45 3378 1975 for more information about your options.   

Personal counselling

As a Djøf member, you have access to our many offerings which aim to give you a stronger position in the Danish labour market, including salary benchmarking, contract reviews, mentoring, career counselling and job search advice. 

Apply for graduate jobs

If you have recently graduated or you are soon to be, you can apply for a graduate program. Learn how to find and apply for vacant graduate positions in Denmark

Apply to the mentorship programme

Are you an undergraduate and could you use some counselling from someone who has been where you are now? Then apply to our mentor programme. With an older student, you can share your challenges, big and small, and hear how he/she has handled life as a student.

Membership programme

Meet other members

As a student member of Djøf, you get more than just cheap insurance and free study courses. You will also be part of a strong professional organisation with a huge professional and social network.  

Djøf Studerendes Aktivitetspulje (Students’ Activity Pool)

As a student member, you can apply for funding to the Djøf Students’ Activity Pool if you have an idea for a cool event at your place of study. The funding is granted according to a defined set of criteria – for instance, the event should preferably have a theme (e.g. relating to politics, career, trends or converting theory to practice).

Contact your local network pilot for more information and help completing the application form.

Application form (in Danish)
Network pilots at your university (in Danish)

Djøf at your place of study

Want to be active in Djøf Students? Wondering what’s happening at your place of study? Or do you have questions about your membership?

You can find us at your university (in Danish)

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Djøf is a trade union, a professional organisation representing our members. Read about what we do, and how the Danish labour market works.

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Become acquainted with work life in Denmark, including contracts, salary negotiations, dismissals and resignations, the social ground rules and much more. And find the benefits of your membership.

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