Benchmark your salary - Use Djøf's salary calculator

Djøf’s salary calculator and statistics give you insights into salary trends in your field of work.

There are no steadfast rules about what your salary should be. Your salary level depends on your market value, so when negotiating your salary, you need to have an idea of what you are worth. This is where Djøf’s salary statistics and salary calculator can help.

The salary calculator (in Danish only) shows average salaries based on a ranged of factors such as:

  • education (in Danish: uddannelse)
  • experience (in Danish: erfaring)
  • sector (in Danish: branche)
  • title/job description (in Danish: titel/stillingsbetegnelse)
  • geographic location of position (in Danish: jobbets geografiske placering).

Typical salart level

The salary calculator shows the typical salary level based on the factors you enter. You can also see the lower quartile, the upper quartile and the 90th percentile.

Where your salary falls on this spectrum depends on supply and demand, your employer’s financial situation, any collective agreement terms etc. Therefore, the salary calculator cannot say unequivocally what your salary should be, but it can give you a valid indication of where you should be in terms of salary.

The salary calculation also shows any special terms that also apply in your sector.

Based on valid data sources

The results of the salary calculator are based on Djøf’s salary statistics for 2018.

The salary statistics for the private sector are based on survey responses from 9,592 Djøf members who are employed in the private sector.

The public-sector salary statistics are based on a survey of members employed in the municipal and regional sector, while the government statistics are based on data from the Agency for Modernisation under the Danish Ministry of Finance.

Contact us

It is possible to extract customised data on salaries in larger companies. Please contact us if you need customised salary data for a specific firm. 

You are also welcome to call us if you are having trouble using the salary calculator in Danish. We would be happy to guide you through it.

You can contact Djøf at dk¤djoef¤djoef or on telephone +45 33 95 97 00. 


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