Meet new and experienced startups

Dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur? Or do you run your own startup? Djøf has an offer you shouldn't refuse.

You’ve no doubt heard someone tell you in some form or another that if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to network, collaborate and share what you know with others.

We agree, and that’s why we’ve set up Djøf Business Community, an open and informal forum where freelancers, students and others involved with entrepreneurship can network, collaborate and help each other out. 

The community allows you to meet other entrepreneurs – both those just getting started and those who have been at it for a while – share your experiences, gain inspiration and work together to come up with answers to your questions. 

Join our online community

Djøf business Community maintains an online forumr and a public Facebook group. For example it can be used for:

  • Meeting other entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Ask questions and keep your finger on the pulse of the startup community.
  • Find out when Djøf and Soho Nomads hosts their COpenhagen co-working sessions.

Join the Djøf Business Community today

Monthly events

Thinking about starting out on your own? Hear the experiences of others who have tried it before you. Get feedback about your ideas and ask whatever questions you have. 

Djøf Business Community holds monthly events that bring together entrepreneurs. Event topics range from marketing and social media to legal issues and are meant to give you the tools you need to make your business a success.

Some examples of events:

  • Djøf BetaTester. Participants are paired with a Djøf member who has experience in a similar field. After beta-testing the participants's product, the Djøf member offers advice for how to make the product more relevant for the target audience. 
  • How to deliver a pitch investors can't turn down. Professional investor Nicolaj Højer and pitch coach Mathias Brun presents 10 tips for getting a startup off the ground, including how to think like an investor and how to de-risk your startup. 
  • Future Tech, Future Society. A one-day collaborative event offering inspiration for students looking to develop sustainable and ethical startups for an increasingly digital society.

What our members say about us

“Future Talent Academy has been extremely rewarding for me. I’ve learned the digital skills you need as a startup, discussed the importance of organisational culture and developed my interest in tomorrow’s technology and politics.

I signed up to get to know others in the Copenhagen startup community, and that's probably the biggest thing it has given me. It’s not just a network; it’s people who will be there when I need it"

- Cordelia Chesnutt, founder of Chesnutt Consulting.

“Networks such as Copenhagen FinTech Lab and Djøf Business Community and the people they put us in contact with are exactly what you need to move from small startup to a wide-ranging, effective team. It gives us quick access to specific skills, a way to find potential partners and the opportunity to reach our target group, even before our product is fully developed. 

One specific way we used the Djøf Business Community was to carry out beta tests of our app, features and communication involving our target group. This was an invaluable opportunity that allowed us to develop and create applications that met our users’ precise needs."

- Christian W. Lysholm, found of Yostocks.