Nordic partner membership

Get free membership for one year. If you are looking for work in Denmark or already have a job in Denmark, and you are a member of one of our Nordic partner associations. Find our parters here.

Free membership for one year

If you are looking for work in Denmark or already have a job in Denmark, and you are a member of  

  • Jusek – Swedish Association for University Graduates
  • Samfunnsviternes – Norwegian Association of Social ScientistsNorges
  • Juristforbundet – Norwegian Association of Lawyers
  • ECONA – Norwegian Association of Business Administrators
  • Samfunnsøkonomene – Norwegian Association of Economists
  • Lakimiesliitto – Association of Finnish Lawyers
  • Yhteiskunta-alan korkeakoulutetut ry – Social Science Professionals in Finland
  • Lögfrædingafélag Ísland – Icelandic Lawyers Association  

then you can become a member of Djøf for free.

The agreement between the Nordic associations provides you with the option of free membership for a maximum of one year. To qualify for free membership, you must keep your membership under normal conditions with the association where you are already a member, and you must apply for free membership of Djøf as soon as you take up residence or begin looking for a job in Denmark. 

Personal counselling

If you would like personal counselling about salary and employment terms at public or private-sector employers in Denmark, or about your career in Denmark, please call + 45 3395 9700, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

When you contact us, please make sure to say which association you are a member of.

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