Startups and self employment

As a member of Djøf you have access to a lot of beneficial services to help your startup or self-employed career.

As a member of Djøf, you have access to legal experts, business developers and experienced business people who can guide you in relation to your business. You also have access to attractive discounts and professional networks of like-minded, ambitious self-employed persons.

Offers and benefits as a member of Djøf:

  • Get legal advice on how to start a business.
  • Get a discount on everything from accounting software to insuarance and finanical advice. 
  • Become a part of Djøf Business Community.
  • Participate in the various events organized by Djøf.

Advice and knowledge sharing

We offer advice and knowledge sharing regardless of whether you already have a business or just want to get started. We help you establish the framework so that you can focus on making a better business and give you access to knowledge and experience from other Djøf members and professionals.

Your financial situation as self-employed and startups

Learn more about financial matters regarding your business. Read more about VAT settlement, tax, fees and much more.

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Starting a business

Get off to a good start as self-employed and focus on the most important things you need to remember when starting a business. You can find templates for consultant agreements and subcontractor agreements.

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Sickness, unemployment benefits and pension as self-employed

Read more about your rights to unemployment benefits, maternity and paternity leave, sickness benefits and pension as self-employed and startup.

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Discount agreements

Through Djøf, you can get a discount on a number of essentials elements that are nescessary for running your business.

  • Accounting software
  • Legal advice
  • Commercial insurance
  • Legal aid

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See events for entrepreneurs and self-employed We organise events every month where you can meet other entrepreneurs and self-employed and learn from their experience.

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Business Community

Djøf Business Community is for everyone who wants to start their own business or who wants to become self-employed. It is free to join.

Every month we organise events where you can meet successful entrepreneurs and learn from their experience. 

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