Benefits and discounts for self employed

Through Djøf, you can get a discount on a number of essential elements that are necessary for running your business.

Legal benefits

Legal documents

Get a 20% discount on the Legal Desks business-related documents (such as shareholders' agreement, registration with the Central Business Register and cooperation agreements) 

Write to Djøf on dk¤djoef¤businesscommunity to receive your discount code.

Legal aid

Get free advice from experienced commercial lawyers - Bech-Bruun. In addition to general knowledge sharing and counselling, you can get help setting up your own business, incorporating a company and in contract law matters. The legal aid is open on the first Wednesday of every month.

You can sign up through the event here 


Get one hour of free advice and 25% discount on the subsequent 10 hours. The advice typically concerns startup, operation and termination of business.

Djøf has a discount agreement with Niels Ulrik Ottesen in Copenhagen.

The advice will typically be based on the following issues:

Starting a business:

  • Sole proprietorship, partnership or company, including a discussion of tax principles.
  • Cooperation with others and shareholders' agreements.
  • Formation, executive service agreement and the way in which the business acts in relation to the community.

Operating a business: 

  • Integrity, requirements for the management, bookkeeping, annual report and choice of accounting principle.
  • General trading terms, joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Financing, investors, loans and growth support schemes.

Terminating a business:

  • Liquidation, bankruptcy and commitments in relation to creditors and other stakeholders.
  • Conflicts within the group of owners, joining and leaving and termination of shareholders' agreements.
  • Sale of the business, sale of assets vs. sale of shares.
  • International sales, choice of advisers and preparation of the business for sale.

The first meeting with the lawyer is held at the address of the law firm. The meeting is free and has a maximum duration of 1 hour. It includes general advice, but not review or preparation of documents.

This can be followed up by up to 10 hours of legal assistance at a 25% discount on the standard rates of the law firm.  

Contact Djøf on dk¤djoef¤businesscommunity if you want to make use of the agreement of legal assistance.



Take out commercial insurance with ADIS at a reasonable price.

Read more about commercial insurance 

Banking Agreement

Get 3% of deposits up to DKK 50,000 on your overdraft facility and free online banking with Lån & Spar Bank.

See more about the agreement with Lån & Spar Bank

Other offers

Accounting Software

You can have the Billy Premium Accounting Software for 1.974 kr. per year.

Write to Djøf dk¤djoef¤businesscommunity to receive your discount code.