Christmas community and hygge

A cozy night-in to hang out with a welcoming community, enjoy warm drinks, and play a Christmas gift game favorite - pakkeleg.


What is the event about?

We bring an opportunity to come together before the Christmas season to make connections and foster a strong and inclusive community in RUC. We hope you will join us for a short night of games, conversation, and warm (or cold) drinks.

Whether you are preparing to visit family, or won't be able to join your loved ones this year, we welcome everyone to meet for a fun game of pakkeleg and cozy conversation to ease your stresses of the semester. Just bring a small wrapped gift of anything you'd like and we'll take care of the rest.

At QCC we hope to make the campus a more welcoming environment and to foster connection and inclusivity, so please come with friends, or by yourself to make a few new ones. You can look forward to strengthening the community at RUC and feeling even more welcomed as we stay cozy from the cold weather.

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