Confidence Muscle Training

Understand what confidence is, what it definitely isn't and learn techniques to overcome challenges that prevent you from landing your dream job.

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28. september 2023
København K




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About the event

The Confidence Muscle Training is all about de-buzzing confidence, helping women understand what are the barriers they face to gain confidence while providing them with techniques to overcome them.

At this workshop you will learn what confidence is and what it definitely isn’t, which is why it is so important because it affects everything in your life. You will also learn why you’re struggling with insecurity, negative thoughts, fears and anxiety.

You will get the opportunity to ask questions during the workshop. If you have sensitive questions you will have possibility to talk with speaker 1:1 after the session.

Join this workshop and you will leave feeling more resourceful and confident to go and take an inspired action in your professional as well as everyday life.

Everyone is welcome to join this workshop.

This event is held in collaboration with PWN, Copenhagen.    


  • 5.00 pm

    Doors open
  • 5.30 pm

    Presentation of PWN, Copenhagen
  • 5.40 pm

    Welcome by Linda and workshop part 1 starts
  • 6.40 pm

    Bio break
  • 6.50 pm

    Workshop, part 2
  • 7.20 pm

  • 7.30 pm

    Thank you for today
  • Speakers

    Linda Macelova

    Linda Macelova
    Career Coach, LM Consulting

    Linda Macelova works in the tech industry and is the founder of LM Consulting that provides various services from coaching to public speaking about career development for women in STEM. In her role as a career coach she helps women who are looking to transform and boost their careers. She helps female professionals to strengthen their SELF-WORTH & CONFIDENCE, to grow trust in their skills, experience and themselves as authorities in their fields.


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      26. september 2023 kl. 23:59
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