Djøf International Meetup

A meetup for international professionals with interesting talks and loads of chances to meet new like-minded people.

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20. marts 2024
København K




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About the event

Djøf International Meetup is the place for you, as an international professional in Copenhagen, to gather with other professionals and exchange ideas, network and of course meet new people.

Our aim is to bring professionals together regularly and to offer a friendly environment to discuss career paths and professional life.

Each of our meetups features an engaging talk or workshop and also provides you with plenty of time to network.

Join us for a combination of learning and networking in a laid-back atmosphere.


  • 17:30

    Doors open, sandwich and drinks  
  • 18:00

    Welcome, and introduction to the meetup 
  • 18:15

  • 19:15

  • 20:30

    Thank you for tonight 
  • Host

    Martijn Koekkoek

    Martijn Koekkoek
    Founder of International LinkedIn Meetup CPH

    Martijn Koekkoek is a Dutch international with a profound grasp of global market dynamics, stands out as both a seasoned marketer and the founder of International LinkedIn Meetup CPH. With a career spanning over a decade in Denmark, Martijn combines his extensive marketing acumen with a passion for connecting professionals across borders.

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      18. marts 2024 kl. 23:59
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    • Marie Cloos Petersen

      Marie Cloos Petersen
      33 95 99 63

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