Do young people belong on a BOD?

Panel Discussion on Youth Involvement in Board Positions: Exploring Their Contributions, Barriers, and Significance, featuring a panel of experts, professionals, and young individuals, hosted by Board Community.


What is the event about?

Only 2% of board members are under 29%, and there are actually more members over 70 (11%) than under 39 (10%). But is this even a problem? Our panel will discuss a range of questions related to young individuals and board work, such as:

  • What can you, as a participant, bring to a board?
  • What are the potential pitfalls of having young members on a board?
  • What barriers do you face as a young person who wishes to engage in board work?
  • What can we do to break down the barriers that young people encounter, if we should do anything at all?

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the panel in the second round. After the panel discussion, there will be a networking session where you can converse with other participants or representatives from Board Community on the topic of board work.

The panel includes Tine Roed, Director of CBS Board Education, and Anne-Marie Skov, Chairman of Tuborg Foundation. The event is facilitated by Board Community, a non-profit student association at CBS, with the aim of educating and inspiring young individuals for board work through networking, events, and education.

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