Doing Business In - Infomeeting

Join us for an exciting adventure with 'Doing Business In' - an annual case competition and study trip co-organized by Boston Consulting Group, Novozymes, and Djøf.

What is the event about?

Every year, talented students from various Danish universities embark on a journey to a foreign destination, all while accompanied by company representatives. Their mission: to tackle a challenging Novozymes case in the heart of that country.

Learn more about our case competition and how to apply at this meeting. You can read more about Doing Business in here.

Please notice, that you can choose to participate between three different infomeetings (either at Novozymes, Boston Consulting Group or online). So please make sure to select the right infomeeting option under date and location (dato og sted), upon signing up for the event.

Arrangementet har ikke flere afholdelser på nuværende tidspunkt

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