Ensuring diversity and inclusion

Learn how to be the best version of yourself while being the considerate leader.

About the event

An evening where subject matter expert, Birgitte Baadegaard, will introduce us to the topic of diversity and inclusion in today’s job environment, where she will be taking offset in her most recent book, “Lige er ikke det samme som ens”. We will also learn from Kristine Leerbeck how she dealt with this topic in her own journey to setup Angella Invest and its community.
This evening’s topic will focus on descriptions of real-life experiences and the research around it. At this event you will learn how to handle diversity and inclusion best when being woke in your manner of behavior and speaking.
The session is directed to all who are in management and leadership positions or interested in being a leader, and anyone who wants to learn how to behave in the best possible way while being considerate of the 72 genders and all the new trends.
There will be possibility for asking related questions to the speakers during the Q&A session, and a lively session with input from the participants are encouraged and anticipated. We hope to see you and learn from your experiences too.
This event is held in collaboration with PWN, Copenhagen.

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