Good Soldiers Don't Rape

International Debate invites you to a lecture and pannel-discussion about the newly published book 'Good Soldiers Don't Rape' by Megan Mackenzie.


What is the event about?

In this presentation Megan MacKenzie will draw out the key contributions of her recent book, which focuses on sexual violence within defence forces.

The book uses feminist theories of 'rape culture' and institutional gaslighting to identify the key stories, myths, and misconceptions about military sexual violence that have obstructed addressing and preventing it. It includes an analysis of nearly thirty years of media coverage of military sexual violence in three case countries – the US, Canada, and Australia. MacKenzie will relate her book to the recent scandals and high-profile cases of sexual misconduct that have plagued the armed forces over the past three years.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with Megan MacKenzie, Matthias Humer, and Thomas Randrup Pedersen, moderated by Kristian Søby Kristensen. The panelists will discuss the contents of the book 'Good Soldiers Don't Rape' as well as sexual misconduct in the Danish defence forces.

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