IB Alumni

IB Alumni is an academic initiative to enlighten the unique future career opportunities of IB students told by former IB students.


What is the event about?

A celebratory evening, bringing together current IB students and esteemed CBS alumni. Join us for the IB Alumni event, a unique opportunity for CBS International Business undergraduates to explore the diverse career possibilities that await after graduation. We carefully select a range of speakers from various sectors within international business, aiming to showcase the wide array of paths your degree can lead you to.

You can expect Diverse Speaks from Alumni: Listen to insights from a curated selection of alumni, each representing different career paths in the global business arena. These talks are designed to illuminate the varied opportunities your IB degree offers, from entrepreneurship to corporate leadership and beyond.

You can also expect Networking with Industry Leaders: A networking session, offering direct access to representatives from prominent firms and companies highly relevant to IB students. This is a prime opportunity to connect with potential employers, gain industry insights, and discuss career opportunities over drinks and light food.

This event is ideal for current IB students at CBS eager to explore the wide-ranging career paths an IB degree can lead to. It offers invaluable insights, whether you are just beginning your academic journey or preparing to step into the professional world.

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