Green Innovation Challenge

Empower your career with cutting-edge innovation and problem-solving workshops.

About the event

As part of Djøf's participation in the projekt 'Talent to Green Denmark' you now have the opportunity to participate in a green innovation challenge.  

Apply here: Copenhagen Capacity. 

Why should you join?

This innovation challenge is a chance to enhance your business consultancy skills, and also an incredible opportunity to expand your professional network. By participating, you will have the unique opportunity to connect with and learn from students from various educational backgrounds.

Join us as we tackle a pressing sustainability challenge presented by a Danish company. Equip yourself with innovative tools to navigate sustainable innovation. Benefit from the wisdom of business professionals and our partners. Engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions to connect, discuss, and bring diverse solutions to the table. Be inspired by our keynote speaker, who is an expert in sustainable design development.

Reasons to join the event: 

  • Test and expand your skills in innovation and problem-solving.
  • Meet new people and engage in interdisciplinary collaboration in small groups.
  • Put your competencies into practice, gain experience for your cv, and expand your network.
  • Get a great experience with other students from different educational fields.

Who can apply?

  • International and Danish students (APD/BA/MA) enrolled in a Danish Higher Education.
  • A graduate from Higher Education with max. 2 years after graduation. 

Selection process

After the application deadline, the admissions committee will carefully review all submitted applications to select the participants. The motivation area of the online application holds significant weight in the selection process, so we encourage applicants to dedicate time and effort to it. We warmly welcome applications from students of all academic backgrounds to join this exciting event.

You can read more and apply directly at Copenhagen Capacity. 

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