Is AI the cure?

Join Mind Your Business closing event "Is AI the cure? - AI's implication for doctors" to discuss the role of AI in medical care.


What is the event about?

Join Mind Your Business' closing event to discuss the role of AI in medical care. Together with a range of invited experts we want to facilitate a discussion that is not based on the opinions of a few, but that includes everyone's voice. Instead of just listening to experts talk to each other, we will create an environment enabling your opinion through allowing questions throughout the entire discussion and by asking you for opinions at key points of the discussion.

The speakers will be announced on our Instagram (@mindyourbusiness.dk) shortly, but you can look forward to a mixed panel of experts with different views and perspectives on the topic. We at Mind Your Business set curiosity over expertise.

The only requirement for you to join is an interest in hearing and learning about the topic. We encourage everyone to join and to participate regardless of their educational level, social background or level of expertise.

We hope to see you all. Lets bundle our curiosity and learn, discuss, and grow together.

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