Nobel Prize in Economics 2023 Lecture

Join us for a presentation of Nobel Laureate 2023 Claudia Goldin's work on women's labour market outcomes delivered by Miriam Wüst.


What is the event about?

Once again it is time for Socialøkonomisk Samfund’s (SØS) annual Nobel Prize Lecture. Join us when Associate Professor Miriam Wüst talks about the prize winner and the importance of her research. This year’s laureate in the Economic Sciences, Claudia Goldin, has significantly improved our understanding of women's role on the labour market, in the present as well as historically. Her influential research covers subjects such as:

  • The reasons most undergraduates are now women
  • The new life history of women's employment
  • The education of women and men together in higher education
  • The history of women's pursuit of career and family
  • The impact of the contraceptive pill on women's career and marriage decisions
  • Women's last names after marriage as a social indicator. 

SØS is proud to present the annual Nobel Prize Lecture on laureate Claudia Goldin. The prize winner and her contribution to research will be presented by Associate Professor Miriam Wüst.

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