Public speaking workshop

This workshop will help you develop public speaking skills with a special focus on communication in crisis management.

What is the event about?

More and more companies are exposed to crises, internal and external, and must deal with them. Communication is a crucial element in successful crisis management.

Excellent skills in public speaking during crises are vital in successful stakeholder management as well as handling the media. Organizations and individuals that communicate poorly risk making a bad situation worse.

Few people are eager and comfortable standing in front of a crowd or a camera to present. During a crisis, the challenge is even bigger.

During this session, communication advisor Hanne Tornager will give you a few tips on how to act purposeful, credible, and authentic in the media or in public.

At this workshop you have the opportunity to participate in a few exercises on:

  • Body language
  • Voice
  • Preparing a strong presentation.

During this presentation, you will get tips and advice on how to plan, execute and present, with a special focus on how to prepare yourself to deal with strategic communication for crises in your organization.

This event is held in collaboration with PWN Copenhagen.

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