Startup pitch

Are you fascinated by entrepreneurship and dreaming of starting your own startup? Then this event is tailored just for you.


What is the event about?

At this event you'll have the chance to be part of an exciting evening organized by ESA and AAU Innovate. Here, you'll listen to three AAU startup companies, Buildivity, Safespot, and Neotruss, as they present their visionary ideas to you and a panel of investors. The panel will include Victor Bach Petersen from ESA, Tahir Siddique from "Løvens Hule," and Albert Sonne, co-founder and CEO of Akson Robotics.

But that's not all. In addition to hearing inspiring pitches, you'll also learn how startups come to life and how you can secure funding for your own idea. So grab your friend and join us for an evening filled with unique learning and inspiration.

And the best part? It's completely free, including complimentary food and beverages.

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