Sustainability Case Competition

Building for Tomorrow - Do you want to solve a business challenge that focusses on building a sustainable future?

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05. oktober 2023


2 days


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What is Sustainablity Case Competition?

The Sustainability Case Competition is a case competition that focusses on sustainability. It is organized by Djøf, Valcon and MT Højgaard.

You, together with other students will be working on real-life sustainability challenge that MT Højgaard is facing today and test yourself in groups against other students. You will be in interaction with Valcon consultants and introduced to some of Valcon’s methods of consulting. It is then expected that you use these methods and own experiences to come up with results based on the given case and present them to a jury consisting of Djøf, Valcon and MT Højgaard.  

The case competition

From one year to the next, you cannot tell the difference. However, as decades stack up, the story becomes clear. Global temperatures are rising, and global warming is to blame. As the world changes around us, so does our way of living. Climate change touches everything and everyone, and we are at a defining moment in time as the impact by humans on our planet, can no longer be ignored. Therefore, Djøf, Valcon and MT Højgaard have teamed up to host a case competition on exactly this matter.  

Offering students, the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a sustainability business case. Valcon is a fast-growing consultancy with Scandinavian roots, employed by clients worldwide in delivering sustainable transformation through the combination of technology, data, and consulting. MT Højgaard is a central player within the construction and civil engineering industry and takes responsibility for contributing to a sustainable development. MT Højgaard and their customers want to be known and recognized for sustainable solutions in the entire building life cycle from design and choice of materials to the operation and reutilization.

As a participant you will 

  • Get an opportunity to solve a real-life critical sustainability challenge. 
  • Be trained in structured and applicable communication tools.  
  • Learn problem-solving methodologies to identify and prioritize core issues.  
  • Work together in close teams with diverse backgrounds. 
  • Get the opportunity to create a coherent storyline and present it in front of the jury. 
  • Win a price if your team’s solution is voted to be the best. 
  • Have fun social experiences together with other students and people from Djøf, Valcon and MT Højgaard. 

Who are you? 

  • Are you studying Business Administration at CBS, Construction Management at KEA, Digital Innovation & Management at ITU or Industrial Engineering & Management at DTU, or something related? 
  • Are you at the end of your bachelor’s degree or the beginning of your master’s degree? 
  • Do you have an interest in sustainability and would like to explore it in a business context?
  • Do you want to be introduced to case competitions and how to work in a consultancy?  

No matter how experienced you are, this is your chance to challenge yourself in solving a business case for building a sustainable future. We hope to see you there.


  • Thursday October 5th 2023

    Day 1 will take place at:

    MT Højgaard
    Knud Højgaards Vej 7
    2860 Søborg
  • Friday October 6th 2023

    Day 2 will take place at:

    Meldahlsgade 5
    1613 København V
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