The demonstrations in Iran and Kurdistan

Rasmus Elling and Hejar Dasthi are invited to give a lecture about the current demonstrations in Iran and Kurdistan.


About the event

SILBA Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy - Copenhagen branch - invites you to an event with a nuanced and in-depth perspective on the current demonstrations in Iran and Kurdistan. The event is relevant for those of you who want to know more about the situation in Iran and Kurdistan from an academic and practical perspective.

The demonstrations in Iran and Kurdistan have lasted more than two months. At least 348 protesters have been killed, and about 15.900 arrested by the Iranian regime. Some argue that the demonstrations could lead to a revolution. Others say that the government will be able to retain the protests. What do you think? In the Q&A session, you will get the chance to ask the speakers questions in that context.

Rasmus Elling is an associate professor from the University of Copenhagen who is a social historian studying modern Iran through four attention points. Urbanism, ethnicity, political movements, and ideology. He will give a broad perspective on the current matter.

Hejar Dasthi is the Danish representative for the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan. He will give you a more practical perspective on what it is to be a minority in Iran and what role the Kurds play.

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