The Midterm Elections - America's democracy at a crossroad

The upcoming midterms aren't only about political disagreements or gaining control over Congress but also about the survival of democracy in America.

What is the event about?

The midterm elections are important and not only about political disagreements on topics such as inflation, immigration, health, energy prices, abortion access or crime.

And it’s not just about winning or losing the House and the Senate but also about the very survival of democracy in America.

Several candidates recommended by former president Trump will, if elected, continue to advance the obvious lie that Trump 'actually won' and thus continue to try to undermine not just Joe Biden's legitimacy but the faith in American political democracy and its institutions.

The same is true about individual states. The governors, lieutenant governors and secretaries of state who are up for election will have to check and approve the election results in 2024.

A worst-case scenario will be that state officials or politicians simply refuse to approve any result in 2024 which goes against their party. The risk of an overturned election remains uncertain, but it is no longer impossible to imagine. 

On this event you will meet Annegrethe Rasmussen who has worked as US Correspondent in Washington for various Danish media since 2008.

The event will be held in English and drinks and food will be available.

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