Thriving in Denmark as an international person

Join this panel debate for valuable insights from fellow internationals on navigating the Danish work culture.

About the event

What to do to fit in? How do you communicate effectively with Danes? Is it worth learning Danish? What are the major cultural differences?

Embark on a transformative journey of living and working in Denmark as an international, enriched with valuable insights. Join our panel debate to explore the keys to thriving and enjoying a fulfilling life while navigating your new environment. Our engaging panel of fellow internationals will share their experiences, providing practical guidance in an enjoyable setting.

The panel debate will be moderated by Leslea Petersen. Leslea is British married to a Viking who landed on the Danish shores 16 years ago and is the CEO of English Job Denmark. With over 20 years’ communications experience in both the business & not-for-profit sectors, Leslea is passionate about coaching professionals and businesses in retaining international talent. Leslea has been a member of PWN, Copenhagen for nearly 2 years and is an executive board member and treasurer.

Joining the panel is Keri Bloomfield, who relocated from New Zealand to Denmark in 2016 with her Danish partner. Keri is the author of 'Nothing Like a Dane,' a captivating and humorous account of establishing a new life in a distant land, published in 2022.

Join this panel debate if you seek invaluable tips and tricks for navigating work life in Denmark and starting off on the right foot as an international.

Stay tuned for the announcement of additional guests who will join the panel debate.

This event is held in collaboration with PWN, Copenhagen.


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