What I wish I knew about Denmark

This workshop is designed for internationals to get you off to a great start in finding a job and learning about the Danes in a fun and engaging way.

About the event

The problem with moving to Denmark is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Join New Zealand author, writer, & People Manager Keri Bloomfield, for this workshop, along with Leslea Petersen, CEO English Job Denmark, to share their top insights into giving yourself the best start to living in Denmark. The event is divided in two parts.

Part 1 will cover:

  • Honest reality of becoming a foreigner in Denmark and what happens when you are nothing like a Dane
  • Early challenges as a non-EU citizen including immigration obligations, learning Danish, creating a new career and accepting rugbrød as a way of daily life
  • Keri’s decision to ‘make it count’ which resulted in publishing her book ‘Nothing Like a Dane’.

Part 2 will cover everything you need to know to get you off to a great start in your job search, including:

  • Recruitment and how to find an English-speaking position
  • CV, cover letter & how to use LinkedIn to increase your visibility to recruiters
  • Danish work culture – what you need to know to fit in.

Join this workshop to lean more about the Danish culture and how to adapt as an international.

This event is held in collaboration with English Job Denmark.


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