What makes a great leader?

Karey-Anne Duevang, will share her 20+ years of experience about what makes a great leader.

About the event?

Karey-Anne Duevang is Yorkshire born and has lived in Copenhagen for 20+ years. Married to a Dane, mum of 3 and an Ironman, she is driven in her goals both professionally and privately but always has time for fun! She has built an incredible career creating startups to support the international community and has also worked with some of the biggest organizations in Denmark. 

As an experienced leader and senior HR professional with over 2 decades of experience in recruitment, operational management and strategic growth, Karey-Anne will share her experience in mobilizing organizations to attract and develop talent. As a Certified coach of leaders and employees, she will share her knowledge of what makes a great leader and why every leader needs grounding!

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