Climate neutral EU by 2050

Meet experts who talk about how to solve the climate crisis and what the EU can do.


About the event

Green transition and the fight against climate change are two of the European Union’s most important topics. Working towards a greener and more secure future has never been more important.

The European Movement, Casus Clima and SIMA invite you to a talk that focusses on sustainability. The event will be held at Købehavns Universitet, Campus CSS on the 2nd of November from 17.30-19.30. At the event we will go in depth with EU’s green transition and the international climate work that’s crucial to ensure a green future.

You will get the chance to meet Denmark’s leading climate think tank CONCITO as well as the European Commission as you learn what’s being done within the EU to tackle climate change.

This is an opportunity to have a look behind the scenes, where you’ll be presented with dilemmas concerning how to solve the climate crisis. Furthermore, you will work with a case and get the opportunity to discuss the best solution with your peers and the experts.

At this event you will get a unique insight into the way international climate work is done in the real world.

There will be food and beverage served and the event will be held in English.

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