Job Search in Denmark

Welcome to this workshop about job search in Denmark.


About the workshop

Finding a job in Denmark, which challenge your qualifications, requires certain skills such as a focused cv and application, and making an outstanding impression during the interview.

At the workshop, we concentrate on the dos and don’ts when writing the cv and application. We will cover how to focus your writing according to the specific job opening, so that you will be invited to an interview. In addition, we dive deeper into the job interview, especially, how you communicate, that you are the right person for the position.  

Your key take-aways from the workshop are: 

  • knowledge about the Danish labour market
  • inspiration on how to improve your writing in relation to cv and application
  • how to prepare for the job interview.

If you have already responded to a job advertisement or are planning to do so then please bring the advertisement.  

Djøf offers a light meal during the workshop.

This workshop is for students, recent graduates and others who do not speak Danish, but wish to find a job in Denmark.

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